• Explosive Speed: Just as the cheetah is renowned for its burst of speed, the breakout strategy acts rapidly when a significant price level is breached.
  • Precision: Cheetahs are incredibly precise when targeting their prey. This mirrors the strategy’s ability to pinpoint exact moments of high volatility and capitalize on them.
  • Patience: Before sprinting, a cheetah patiently stalks and waits for the perfect moment to strike. Similarly, the strategy waits for the right conditions before entering a trade.
  • High Success Rate: Cheetahs have one of the highest success rates among predators in terms of hunts. While the strategy’s win rate is 66%, when it wins, it does so significantly, mirroring the cheetah’s impactful strikes.
  • Risk Management: Just as a cheetah knows when to retreat if a hunt becomes too risky or energy-consuming, the strategy has built-in risk management features, such as the 15% stop loss.
  • Capturing Big Wins: Cheetahs focus on larger prey that can sustain them longer, reflecting the strategy’s emphasis on substantial gains when it wins.